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Animals - pets, livestock, wildlife and veterinary topics

Blog - The Dynamic Digger - The Groundhog

Blog - Healthy Pets - Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

Blog - Entirely Pets - Bladder Cancer in Dogs

Articles and Product Reviews - Right Pet Website

Blog for Family Dog site - The Spring Spaniel - Fun, Fun, Fun

Education and Psychology

Education Research Article - Individualized Learning Plans

 Education Article - Benefits of Theater in Core Instruction

Applied Psychology - Brochure Page for High School STEM Job Folder

Environmental Science

Science/Technology Research Article on EUMDR

Solar Energy Blog Let The Sun Shine In

Morning Chores Garden and Wellness Blog Witch Hazel and 8 Ways To Use It

Organic Garden Blog - Fall Gardens Are The Best

Organic Garden Blog - Heirlooms

CORV Local Food Guide Article - Eating Locally in Winter

Conference presentations - Ame has presented several times at the Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Conference   OEFFA  

                   Ame will be presenting this year at the Kentucky Association of Environmental Education  

Ghost Blogs on Various Topics

B2B and B2C Ghost Blogs - experienced in the following topics: Bicycling, Fitness, Home Builders, Private Investigators,  Swimming Pools, Tax Services, Water Restoration 

Other Topics

Newspaper reporting at local paper

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articles about me!

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