Specialized Niche Blogs and Articles

  • SEO optimized, quality content that educates, markets, brings in traffic and leads to new customers/followers.

  • I take the time to listen to you and go over your website (I can help with content too) so that what I write reflects positively on your business.

    I love writing blogs. I love learning new things. And I love helping people to market their brand. So what happened along the way was that I have developed several niches doing what I write best. Topics on animals, education/ psychology, and environmental science draw from my vast education and experiences in these fields. 

Riley - one of my rescue dogs


pets, Livestock, wildlife, Veterinarian topics

I have spent a lifetime working with animals. Growing up in a farm gave me a great beginning. I have worked to make my own farm a great place for domestic and wild animals alike. My education and experience in this area is immense and I look forward to promoting your brand. 


Teaching what I love - hands on SCIENCE!!

Education and Psychology

Special Education, Mental Health issues, curriculum design, Teaching Science

Jobs in education and social work have given me a good understanding of the human condition. I have taught in public, private and non profit facilities. Education is vital - lets get it front and center in your blog! 


My 'girl built' green home complete with solar panels

Environmental science

Ecology, Water quality, solar energy, organic gardening, green building

These are all things I practice on a daily basis and what I am passionate about. The graduate degree was just icing on the cake. I practice what I preach and live a very environmentally friendly life with a low carbon footprint. Lets share with your readers all the things they can do to be an earth supporter!