How SEO Blogs Can Improve Your Website Traffic

by Ame Vanorio

You just put extensive effort into writing a great blog or improving your landing page. You anxiously watch your analytics and notice that it’s not getting noticed by your target audience. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help your readers and clients find you in a world of massive amounts of data.

What Is SEO?

There are literally millions of blogs. SEO can help people find you in all of that madness! A well written SEO article or website is looked on with favor by the search engines who use algorithms to rank everything on the web.

The goal of writing a SEO blog is to drive traffic to your website. After all your website is all about marketing. You may be marketing information, products or yourself. Write for a successful business.

The purpose of SEO is to create organic (non-paid) website traffic. These visitors land on your website because they did a search on google or yahoo. Your job is to suck them in once they hit your page (smile).

Keywords Are Your Hints To Success

Keywords are easily searchable words that help search engines find you. It is important to use keywords throughout your article. After you think of a dynamic headline put some creative thought into what keywords best fit your topic.

You can also use Google Analytics (or another similar tool) to research what keywords people are using to find content on your website. When you identify those keywords, continue to use them to help drive traffic to your website. You can also look at what keywords your competitors use.

Simply type your keyword into Google Search and see what and who comes up first. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and examine the suggestions google makes for related searches. This will give you additional ideas for keywords.

There are two types of keywords. Shorter, generic keywords are called head terms and are usually 1 – 3 words long. Long-tail keywords are phrases that have more than three words. Both of them have merit and you should use a mix of them in your SEO content writing.

Content is King

Bill Gates stated that “Content Is King” back in 1996. And this is still true today. SEO and Keywords will not save you from poorly written content. Content that is relevant, interesting and readable will be looked at and shared with others. That is what you want.

Search engines use blog length in rankings. Length of blog posts has been a hotly contested question. How long should your post be for maximum SEO?

Initially shorter posts were considered easier for search engines to optimize. 500 words were considered to be on target. Today search engines are looking for depth and valuable content. So longer posts of 600 – 1200 words are common.

Google now suggests that 2000 word posts receive the highest rankings. The search algorithms are looking for in-depth content. However, studies show people often do not take the time to read a post that long. So many blogging gurus suggest 1600 words per post.

How a Blog Can Bring Attention To Your Website

A blog can be a big boost to the traffic you receive because billions of people are on the internet. Those people are your potential audience. Your blog will help you connect with the people who are interested in your brand.

Blogs can inform, educate and/or entertain. Your blog should have valuable and original content. Writing relevant information will establish you as an authority on the subject. Your readers will learn to trust your content and become customers, clients, partners and loyal followers.

Blogs are interesting to read because they tell as story a well as inform. Using storytelling will increase readership.  If you are selling a product then blogging about how you decided to sell the particular product or a behind the scenes look at the product will create additional interest.

Blogging helps your website stand out. A blog is another form of marketing that helps you be more visible online. Sending your post to various social media accounts will increase attention and clicks to your website. Remember, blogging is part of a greater business plan.

Let FRWS Get You Off and Running

At Fox Run Writing Services we want your blog and website to shine. We understand that you are going in many directions at once. That’s why you need an expert in creating blogs and website content that will improve your traffic and visibility. Contact us today to improve your blog content.