Blogs and Articles


Blogs and Articles

from 5.00

 One time, weekly, or monthly blogs for your website or publication.

Blogs are SEO, creative, original content that will drive traffic to your website . Interesting content is geared towards your clients and will drive sales and website visits upwards. We communicate with you and write content that supports your companies goals.

We are happy to set you up for regular Blog posts to your Square Space or WordPress account on the time table you establish for an additional $5.00 per blog. These posts will have green lights in SEO and Readability and can be scheduled to meet your calendar.

We have two categories of blogs.

Author Credit (AC)means the article has my name and a short author bio.

Prices for Author Credit

Our traditional Blog is 550 words for $25.00. 800 words for $35.

In depth blogs 1050 words for $55 and 1600 words for $75

Ghostwritten means the article has you or your companies name as author.

550 words for $35.00 800 words for $45.00

1050 words for $70 1600 words for $90


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